From humble beginnings in 1988, with only one agency, to the successful company we are today makes Spartan Equipment a competitive force in the poultry industry in Southern Africa. Neil Malan purchased Flupearl (Pty) Ltd.  t/a Spartan Equipment in 1988. At the time the company was situated in Halfway House (an area halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa). The company name was changed to Midrand Poultry Supplies t/a Spartan Equipment, a name more descriptive of the industry. Six years later the company relocated to Blue Hills, Midrand and is still trading from these premises. In 1992 Phillip Bronkhorst joined Midrand Poultry Supplies (Pty) Ltd. as a business partner. Since then Spartan Equipment has acquired 8 additional agencies and maintained the relationship with original agency Choretime Brock. Today Spartan Equipment is wholly owned by the Bronkhorst Family Trust.

Spartan Poultry Equipment sells and installs a wide range of poultry equipment products in South Africa and Southern African countries that covers all sectors of the poultry industry. Feeding equipment including automatic, automated pan feeders, chain feeding systems, pan feeding systems, silos, feed bins, cross augers, flex augers, nipple drinking systems, nipple drinkers, heating systems and environmentally controlled ventilation systems for broilers, broiler breeders and broiler layers. Automatic rearing and laying cages with egg collection and environmentally controlled ventilation systems for commercial eggs layers. Automated poultry processing equipment for processing plants, abattoirs. Incubators and hatchery equipment for commercial hatcheries. Hatchery automation equipment. Lights and LED lighting systems for all types of poultry houses. Manual weighing scales and manual equipment including manual cages, drinking, drinker fonts, bell drinkers, chick feed trays, tube feeders and heating lamps to name a few.