Watering Solution!

We have an appropriate drinker on your birds. VAL-CO now manufactures a extra whole line of drinkers. We have brought alternatives to permit you to pick out the drinker the nice suits your needs. Each nipple drinker provides sparkling, easy water and blended with our easier flushing intakes and white watering strains make this the good device around. Your birds will get cooler sparkling water and extra of it.

Improved Broiler Drinking System:

•Wide Choice of nipple drinkers:
multiple options...no wrong answers.
•New Lockable Saddle – No
locks required for all bird species. It also allows for the optional use of
• New Collapsible standpipe prevents the
from breaking when lifting water lines.
• Extra High Flow enhanced VR205
Regulator for increased water flow.
• New regulator inlet for even easier flushing of the

Poultry Watering Systems

VAL-CO World-Renowned Drinking Systems
VAL-CO manufactures a more comprehensive line of drinkers for broilers, broilers, and
breeders. We have many options that will allow you to choose the
potion that best suits your needs.

Our premium roaster is available with additional features
at no extra cost including Hi-Flow, Xtra Hi-Flow, and Feather Action. The
The hi-Flow option offers an average of 30% more flow than a standard
roaster. The Xtra Hi-Flow option doubles flow rates and
should only be used in extreme weather conditions.

The Precision Feather Action (PFA) option of the Roaster
drinker gives your day-old to adult birds water with the lightest touch
in the industry. Available in four flow rates,
including controlled flow, ideal for barns without antibiotics
to control the amount of moisture in the litter.

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