The processing equipment:

The Meyn Compact cutting system is capable of processing all basic
cuts, including wing, breast, and leg processing. It offers a highly efficient and compact
method of producing high-quality
cuts at a very affordable cost. The compact cutting system
from Meyn is easy to install and ready to use.

Opening machine M3.0

Cutting the abdominal skin of broilers, breeders
and laying hens as a preoperative step prior to evisceration.
vent (cloaca) must be loose before opening.

Opening Machine M3.0 is placed in the 240-degree bend of the EV line monorail, often right after the vent cutter. The birds are hanging from the shackles of the monorail and are guided into the catchment area of ??the machine with their backs to the center of the machine. Static entry guides position birds in the processing units of the opening machine

The birds are held in position by the underside of the processing unit and the rear support tilts the birds to ensure proper feeding of the blade guide. The lower (blunt) portion of the scissors is then passed through the vent hole toward the bird until it rests against the sternum. This uses a "twist" motion so the blade guide enters the bird correctly and away from the vent. The rear brace ensures that the bird is retracted to a straight position to prevent them from grabbing the guts. The upper (castellated) knife is then lowered and cuts the abdominal skin. Finally, the bird is released from the unit. The processing unit is cleaned with spray nozzles after each cycle.

Cropping machine ECP:

Trimmer The unique feature of the Meyn trimmer is the patented neck support block that presses the skin against the
probe to maximize performance while minimizing skin damage and additional weight loss. In addition, the long-stroke and higher speed allow the neck skin to be thoroughly cleaned of residue. A very important factor is to keep the neck skin intact, as damaging the neck skin can cause weight loss or deterioration of the grill. In order to meet the constantly increasing demands for higher line speeds, Meyn presents a new high-speed version of the machine.

This high-speed version has an extended top race (approximately 240°) to allow more processing time at higher speeds and to maintain peak performance and low wear at speeds up to 13,500 strokes per hour. The new high-speed version also has an optional feature that allows the neck support blocks to be adjusted during production. This feature is particularly useful for processors processing other bird species or were significantly different flock weights than the require additional adjustments for optimal performance.