Rearing Cages:

FACCO rearing cages are distinguished by the following elements that ensure outstanding quality:

•The possibility to house the birds at every tier of the rearing cage from the first day of life;

•The scrupulous design of the cages that facilitates all breeding operations, and in particular, the housing and the removal of the birds;

•The careful design of every part of the cage that eliminates the presence of points of dirt accumulation and parasite proliferation;

•The use of a “support leg” with a stiffened section that gives the entire structure greater strength;

•The use of the right materials provided with surface treatments formulated for resistance to frequent washing;

•Extremely precise feed dispensing for optimized consumption and minimum waste.

The P80 rearing cage can reach up to 150 meters in length and a height with the overlapping of up to ten tiers. A polypropylene belt inserted between each level of the battery collects and removes the manure onto a transversal conveyor belt that carries it out of the shed. P80 rearing cage is also available in an ECO version equipped with a manure drying tunnel. The drying tunnel has holes from which jets of air are directed evenly over the manure removal belt.For the greater comfort of the birds in the initial phase of life, a plastic grating can be applied to the footrest in order to adjust the surface to the size of the birds’ feet and even a screen of finer mesh that provides greater support during the first days of life.

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