Munters Rotem Trio (Climate Controller)

Munters Rotem Trio 20 is transforming the poultry business, taking it to the next level. It manages all aspects of the farms’ climate, reaching the best air quality and animal welfare as possible while enabling the farm management to be future proof with the IoT technologies.

3 Features of the controller:

Sustainable Business:

Munters Smart Dynamic Climate control ensures superior growth and animal welfare.

Advance management and security:

Munters Remote Farm Management enhances user experience, while enabling settings, users and preferences anywhere, anytime.

Next step to Precision Farming:

IOT ready, Cloud Services, easy-to-use and real time TrioAir App, personal Munters ID account.

Modern agriculture demands constant optimization and streamlining of production. Munters Rotem Trio, based on dynamic ventilation system, ensures perfect climate conditions and fast response to weather changes, while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The multi-language and intuitive interface is quick to setup, configure and populate, empowering the farmer in troubleshooting. Simplified ventilation by weight, humidity, CO2 and ammonia control makes Munters Rotem Trio able to maintain proper air quality and to ensure high yield, health and welfare of livestock.

Trio Air App

The remote management package includes Cloud services, TrioAir App and a personal Munters ID account. Both Munters Rotem Trio 20 and the remote services keep the farmer informed with real-time site information by providing an optimized user-friendly experience and enabling to foresee the output of production in order to maximize profitability.

User can manage settings, profiles, preferences, additional devices with the highest possible security.

Sometimes high-level technology means more complexity. Not for Munters. Trio Air App empower the user with the complete control over the farm.

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