What is a ventilation cooling system?

Ventilate cooling is the usage of natural or mechanical air flow to cool indoor spaces. The use of outdoor air reduces the cooling load and the electricity intake of those systems, at the same time as preserving excessive great indoor conditions; passive ventilate cooling might also additionally eliminate electricity intake.

Function for Ventilation and Cooling Systems in Animal Housing

Livestock manufacturing is substantially inspired via way of means of animal health and comfort. Ventilation of animal housing to eliminate moisture, odours and gases without causing drafts and changing them with clean air is important for farm animals’ productivity. Ventilation additionally offers air movement that promotes cooling and improves air quality for restrained animals. While top air flow contributes to profitability, if not well designed, the electricity utilized by a cooling and air flow device can substantially lessen those profits.

Types of Ventilation and Cooling Systems Equipment



Cooling Systems

Light filters/ light Traps/ Dark Outs

Web & Communication - Wireless or Wired

Humidity Sensor

C02 Sensor

Ammonia Sensor

Weather Station / Wind Sensor

Egg Counter

R-Link ONE